What is QATSIF?

The Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation, known as QATSIF, is an independent public trust established to provide young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders with a secure funding source for educational scholarships. By providing financial support, QATSIF will help turn around inter-generational legacies of past policies and practices, and help close the gap in educational and employment outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Queenslanders.

QATSIF's initial capital was created through the toil of previous generations of Indigenous Queenslanders. This capital has been invested by QATSIF's Trustee, the Public Trustee of Queensland, and the annual interest provides an income stream for scholarships and bursaries. In this way, the toil of previous generations will directly benefit the generations that follow, and with additional financial support from the wider community, QATSIF will be enabled to stand as a permanent and positive legacy for the future.

QATSIF scholarships commenced in 2010 with Round 1.

Who is eligible for a QATSIF Scholarship?

Students of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent and recognised as such by their local Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Community Elders can be considered if the following year they are entering Year 11 or 12, were born in Queensland or have lived in Queensland for the past three years and are QCE eligible.

How do we apply for QATSIF Scholarships?

The school attended by the student in years 11 and 12 makes the application between the 1st June and the 31st July. Schools can call for nominations or choose the most earnest eligible students to nominate. Schools consult with the families of eligible students and seeks written consent for the student to be an applicant and acknowledging that the family is aware of the source of QATSIF funds. All application must also be accompanied by the endorsement of a local respected Elder of the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Community.

How do we finalise our Financial Acquittal?


From this year the QATSIF Acquittal is an on-line process. There are three parts to the Acquittal

1) Information is required about all Students who participated in the Round 5 QCE Scholarship Program

2) Information is also required about the Scholarship effectiveness. This part is usually completed by the Principal, Deputy Principal, HOD, or Staff Member with responsibility for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in your school.

3) The Financial Acquittal is usually completed by The Business Manager or BSM

The school Principal is responsible for the signing off of this document

What is the process of deciding outcomes?

Fully completed applications are considered by the QATSIF Board of Advice. From this assessment, the Board of Advice makes recommendations to the Public Trustee of Queensland and subsequently successful school are notified.

What does the scholarship cover?

Items QATSIF Scholarships can support Items QATSIF Scholarships do not support
V Compulsory school fees X P&F fees
V Resource/Computer hire levy X Capital building levies
V QCE subject and technology levies X Personal computers
V Stationery/Textbooks X Staff wages
V QCE related excursions and camps X Tutoring
V TAFE VET placement X Co-curricular activities
V Industry visits X Boarding fees
V University and Careers expos. X Toiletries
V Compulsory school uniforms X Weekend activity costs
V One Formal/Graduation ticket X Sporting representation

How is the money claimed?

The school usually keeps a scholarship account for each student and claims for an installment each Semester (Attachment 2 of the Agreement). This means that parents do not have to pay what the scholarship covers. In the case of uniforms, schools without a uniform shop will make their own arrangements with reimbursements to parents but receipts must be provided to the school.

Can a Scholarship Recipient lose the QATSIF scholarship?

Yes, the school and/or QATSIF can withdraw a scholarship. A QATSIF Scholarship must continue to be earned throughout Years 11 and 12. A student must show school attendance of 80-85% or more, good behaviour, consistent efforts in studies and cultural respect and pride to remain eligible. There may be other expectation of students in individual schools. It is heartening when QATSIF Scholarship Recipients show inspiring leadership.

Are QATSIF Scholarship Recipients recognised?

In Brisbane and Cairns at the commencement of each year, new Scholarship recipients are recognised at a Celebration. Graduating QATSIF students are also recognised this way at the end of the year. Additional Celebrations have also been held in Towoomba, Townswille and Laidley. Some country and remote schools may have their own Celebration such as Morning or Afternoon Tea with the parents. QATSIF can provide certificates for their Celebrations.

The QATSIF website ( and Facebook page are continually updated with news from QATSIF schools throughout Queensland.